SIDAROUS-NPM is a Consultancy office for Production Engineering specialised in Metal-Cutting and manufacturing technology. Our customers are manufacturing shops in all Arabic-speaking countries. We support Workshops and big manufacturing facilities in planning and realization phase. If you are a manufacturer interested in reliable, productive, accurate and efficient machines, planning to make new investments in highly-developed European CNC-Technology, we are your competent Partner for your investments.

Please talk to us, whenever you wish to Invest in the following fields:

- Milling Machines,
- Machining Centres,
- Mill-Turn Machines,
- Boring, Drilling & Threading Machines,
- Bolts & Nails Production Machines,
- Tube Bending- & Straightening Machines,
- Punching-, Bending-, Drilling & Marking Steel Sheets,
- Inclination Measuring Instruments,
- Fixtures & Clamping elements,
- Cutting Tools & Tool Holders,
- Tool Data Management Systems.
- Tool Crib Drawers & Cabinets

Being a connecting link between supplier Manufacturer in Europe and End-Users, we prepare your inquiries by clearing up all technical details. Furthermore, we manage the quotations from the OEM-Suppliers and discuss with our customer on site. Moreover, we help executing the purchasing process for Customers. If desired, we place your order and coordinate the delivery, installation and familiarisation with your new equipment.

Our particular intention focuses on numeric technology in the field of metal cutting process, narrowing the gap between Arabian End-Users and European Manufacturers and helping Technology transfer after more than 40 years participating in same fields in German Industry. We support investors from the initial stage until the machine operators are competent enough to use the new equipment independently and as efficient as possible. Both, Customer and Suppliers can profit from our services.

Our geographic environment includes the countries below:

After 10 years fulfilling this Job with our Suppliers, we now have founded our office in Cairo in October 2018 to be closer to our Customers in new established Industrial Areas around the Middle East.

One of our main Targets is to improve the communication between Investors and Suppliers in this field of Industry and related Software such as Tool Data Managing TDM plus Measuring Software for better Quality Assurance.

Future investors and vendors will profit from our 40 years of experience in the field of CNC-Technology and metal cutting. Please feel free to contact us.

Our Partner Companies